Solvency (spotted on

A ‘stupid’ mistake or murder?
April 9, 2011

…Even with the new information, however, authorities caution that the full picture of what happened that day, leading to David Hartley’s death, may never be known.

“It didn’t happen in the United States,” said Zapata County, Texas, Sheriff Sigifredo Gonzalez.

And Mexican authorities, he told CNN, have “somewhat of a zero solvency rate, and a zero conviction rate.”

“So unfortunately, this case may remain open forever, even though the information and the evidence may be there,” according to Gonzalez…

With the never-ending U.S. budget crisis, you would expect to find the word solvency in the news — just not in a crime story. Solvency has never referred to the solving of crimes. It means “the ability to pay one’s debts” (New Oxford American Dictionary).

And speaking of which — Sheriff Gonzalez, you owe me one.

Otto E. Mezzo


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