About Lexicide

Lexicide is the work of two professional writers — one on the East Coast of the U.S.A. and one on the West. Between us, our work has appeared in national television ads, newspapers, magazines, corporate and government communications and literary journals.

The old saw claims people grow up and become their parents. The authors of lexicide went one worse — we became our teachers. Not the vibrant, creative teachers who got you excited about Dostoevsky and angular momentum, but the sour, purse-lipped ones who told you splitting an infinitive was a crime on par with parricide.

Or so we’ve been told. If so, then we follow in the venerated footsteps of H. L. Mencken, William Safire and Bill Bryson. Our intention is not wag fingers, but rather to hold a light up to language that people use incorrectly due to ignorance. And then make fun of them. Enjoy.

— Lex and Otto


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